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Private Ephesus Tours are available from Kusadasi, (Kusadasi Port), Izmir (Izmir Port) and also from Izmir Airport if you are flying from Istanbul.

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Ephesus Tours : Full Day Ephesus Highlights

Ephesus Highlights Tour

Itinerary includes The House of Virgin Mary. It is the only shrine which is visited both Muslims and Christians. The Ancient City of Ephesus which takes aprox. 2 hours. Then you will visit Terrace Houses in Ephesus. After lunch, the last stop is Temple of Artemis which is seven wonders of ancient world.

The duration of full day tour is approx. 5-6 hours and this tour can start either from Kusadasi Port or Izmir port / Airport.

Celsus Library Ephesus

Ephesus Half Day Tour

After you meet with your tour guide at the meeting place, you first stop is The Temple of Artemis which take 20 minutes. Then arriving the gate of Ephesus ruins to see the highlights; Celsus Library, Hadrian Temple, Great Theatre. You will be transferred to The House of Virigin Mary which is the higlight of this region.

After exploring the historical sites which take about 4-5 hour, drive to restaurant for traditional Turkish lunch.

Private Ephesus Tours : Create Your Own Ephesus Tour

Custom Ephesus Tour

Custom Private Ephesus tour is the best way to explore Ephesus Ruins and near by attractions. You will be able to choose each individual site to visit according to your personal needs for your family or for your small group. You can include Terrace Houses, Basilica of St John, Sirince Village, Church of Mary or any other specific attraction.

Please go ahead and and make a custom tour reservation request.

Terrace Houses at Ancient City of Ephesus

Archaeological Ephesus

Full day tour itinerary includes The Ancient City of Ephesus which was one of the biggest port-trade city in the ancient time. Then You will explore the daily life of ancient Ephesian by visiting Terrace Houses which is a part of Ephesus ruins.

After lunch you will visit Archaeological Ephesus Museum which has displayed the artifacts which were dug up at The Ancient City of Ephesus. The last stop is The Temple of Artemis which is seven wonders of ancient world. The duration of the tour is approx. 5-6 hours.

St. John Basilica - Around Ephesus City

Biblical Ephesus Tour

An hour drive to get Ephesus ruins which is one of the largest open air museum of the World, will visit Ephesus city Church(The Church of Mary) which was the first church to be constructed in the name of Virgin Mary. Then to The House of Virgin Mary where she spent her final years. Before lunch, stop at The Temple of Artemis which was the pilgrimage point of ancient time. After lunch, visiting The Basilica of St. John where St. John is believed to have been buried. The last stop is The Seven Sleepers’ Cave. The tour will take 6 – 7 hour.

Sirince Village - Greek VillageEphesus Sirince Tour

You will be briefed about the tour & town and Ephesus on the way. Full day tour itinerary includes The House of Virgin Mary. It is the only shrine which is visited both Muslims and Christhians. The Ancient City of Ephesus which is the most visited ancient city of Modern Turkish Republic. The other stop is The Temple of Artemis which is seven wonders of ancient world. After lunch Sirince Village. An authentic pretty old Orthodox village nearby Ephesus which was initially dwelled by the local Greeks. The duration of the tour is approx. 5-6 hours.

Ancient City of Ephesus Ruins

History of Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus City Ruins

Ephesus is an amazing ancient city which was established by Greeks and enlarged by Romans. During it’s history of ephesus city was an important metropolitan of ancient world. Beside being an important ancient settlement, Ephesus is also most visited ancient city of Modern Turkish Republic. From all over the world people come Ephesus to feel breeze of history.

Terrace Houses

Terrace Houses were the luxury apartment building of people who were propertied class in Ephesus, established on terraces on the slopes of Mount Bulbul. The houses were built in peristyle, adjacent to each other, each consisting of two flats. Some of these houses dates to the 1st century B.C. from the finds made during excavations.

Celsus Library at Ephesus Ancient City

Celsus Library

Celsus Library is a typical structure of architectural style prevalent in the period of Emperor Hadrian, dates back to 2. Centry AD. The most wellknown building of Ephesus City was built to honour proconsul (governor) of the Asian province Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, by his son Tiberius Julius Acquila.

Around Ephesus City

Saint John Basilica - Around Ephesus Cities

St. John Basilica

The Basilica of St. John was constructed over burial site of John the Apostle by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. It is located on the slopes of Ayasoluk Hill just below the fortress near the center of Selcuk, Selcuk district, İzmir Province.

Ephesus Museum in Celsus Centrum

Ephesus Museum

The Ephesus Museum is a rich and important museum for Ephesian and Sirince Village with artifacts from digs at Ephesus, The Basilica of St. John, Temple of Artemis, the Belevi Mausoleum and the other local ruins.

Sirince Ancient Greek City

Sirince Village

Sirince Village referred in ancient sources as the “Ephesus on the Mountain” suggests long established settlement. Sirince is a pretty old Orthodox village in Selcuk, 12 km away from Ephesus, which was called Cirkince meaning ‘’ugly’’.

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